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shoulder length




My description is : You will discover that I´m no like other girls, I´m like a chamaleon can be anyone you want to me, from the most tender girl to the most kinky one you just have to take the risk to share your time with me, your imagination it´s the limit, so Would you take me to your fantasies?

I like: Good movies and Good music are the perfect combination, I found the saxo one of the most sexiest instruments ever, but don´t get confused I can be a strong girls playing the drums.

I don't like: Wasting time expecting people I´m not very patient sorry, don´t try to fool me if you want to start a private show with me you will no start asking things before, I will do everything for you in our show and you will not regret it. But I will do it at my own pace don´t try to force me.

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