Welcome to Pussypunks!

A 7,000-strong army of randomly generated pussies with varying attributes to establish exclusivity. Like you and me, each PussyPunk was created to be unique and exists on the blockchain forever, a constant reminder that the collector spirit never dies! 

Why PussyPunks?

Whilst minting, PussyPunks utilizes a provably fair AI system with randomization, meaning that everyone who minted one of the original 7,000 had an equal chance of minting a rare PussyPunk.

Unique PussyPunks!
Percent Minted

Single Player until bugs are ironed out. The full release will have working wallet connect and dedicated discord voice channels to battle it out with your friends! Stay tuned.

Meet some of the Pussypunks!

The Pussypunks plan

Binance Charity Donations

By minting a PussyPunk, you’re not only getting your own NFT, you’re helping fight world hunger and COVID through Binance Charity!​

Public Listings

We will be listing on multiple marketplaces such as LOOTex and SCV for easy and safe trading. We will also be listing on DAPP and DappRadar for more exposure!

First step


PussyPunks officially launched!

Second Step


Constant Marketing on top Telegram channels and Twitter Pages will be done to boost exposure.

Third Step


1. Rarity Sniper
2. LOOTex Marketplace
3. DAPP Listing
4. DAPPRadar Listing
5. SCV Marketplace

Final Step


A Percentage of the total revenue will be donated towards Charity!

What about the price chart?

  • PussyPunk Number 0 - 199 0.01 BNB
  • PussyPunk Number 200 - 499 0.02 BNB
  • PussyPunk Number 500 - 999 0.04 BNB
  • PussyPunk Number 1000 - 1999 0.05 BNB
  • PussyPunk Number 2000 - 3999 0.06 BNB
  • PussyPunk Number 4000 - 4999 0.07 BNB
  • PussyPunk Number 5000 - 5999 0.08 BNB
  • PussyPunk Number 6000 - 7000 0.09 BNB

Become a proud owner of pussypunks today!